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[Panthera AI] Interesting Opportunity for Korean Students

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작성자 리크루팅 댓글 0건 조회 140회 작성일 2024-06-28 21:06


Dear KSAG,

My name is David Rashid, and I am a Computer Science student of LS&A, Class of 2026, and CEO of Panthera AI, a quantitative trading firm largely led by UMich students. We manage $1 million AUM and have the capability to trade up to $10 million daily. 

Panthera AI is expanding to Korea, and we are looking for smart and passionate students knowledgeable about Korea to represent Panthera in Korea. The opportunity is pretty flexible but nonetheless offers valuable work experience and the chance to join a fast-growing multinational AI trading firm. If any members are passionate about Korea, Korean language and culture, Finance,  Web-3, AI, Consulting, Algorithms, they could leverage the skills of their choosing to help us deploy our AI on Korean Markets. The opportunity could lead to minority revenue share and substantial compensation, sponsored business trips to Korea, working with successful people across the industry, and solving important real world Tech, Finance and Global Business problems.

회사에서 한국인 인력을 찾고 있다고 하니 많은 관심 부탁드립니다. 

Best regards,

David Rashid  

CEO, Panthera AI  

University of Michigan, Class of 2026  

Phone: +1 646 617 5410  

Work Email: david@pnta.ai  // davidmra@umich


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