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Sublease 구합니다[완료]

작성일 2023-09-10 21:38

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작성자 skwak (141.♡.170.127) 조회 439회 댓글 0건


같이 일하는 외국인 친구가 sublease를 구하고 있어서 글 올립니다.
아기 때문에 최근에 집을 큰곳으로 옮기게 되어 급작스레 sublease를 구한다고 합니다. (계약은 내년 6월 정도까지로 되어있다고 합니다)
시작은 10월초부터지만, 더 빨리도 들어올수있다고 합니다. 집 사진과 더 자세한 내용 밑에 참고해주세요. 컨택은 아래 적혀있는 번호로 연락주시면 감사하겠습니다
484870909 or 313 613 7766 

Hi, we are having our current apartment at The Haven of Ann Arbor ready for subleasing from the beginning of next month (Oct 1st). It’s a 1BHK that currently is priced for $2100/month however with our lease agreement, it’s available for $1460/month. That’s more than $600 saving every month for the same apartment. 
 Among the options Haven provides, this is the Fully updated one and also that’s best located in property with Water front patio with the convenience of being on the first floor. 
 The apartment is available to have a look at anytime. It’s well maintained and we had no issues since a while as any maintenance was done promptly. 
 As an added incentive, we may be able to provide additional few days of occupancy for free, depending on when we are able to move out by the end of this month (Sep). 
 For more details on clubhouse facilities and easy public access to busline and location; the Haven of Ann Arbor website is - I can be reached at 484870909 or 313 613 7766 Thanks!


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