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작성자 리크루팅 댓글 0건 조회 300회 작성일 2022-04-19 13:18


이번주 목요일/금요일 양일간 (4/21,4/22) 설명회가 예정되어있으니 많은 참여 바랍니다. 

설명회 장소: Laurie Engineering Center 1210 (North Campus)

일정: 4/21 목 오후 3~4시, 4/22 금 오후 1~2

LG AI Research has opened a global office at Ann Arbor this March, currently having research internship openings for the summer 2022.

We aim to hire PhD students who study Machine Learning, Computer Vision, NLP, or a related field.

Though we generally encourage PhD students to apply, our search will be open to everyone with competitive research profiles.


This year we are especially interested in Reinforcement Learning (RL) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU).

For RL, we seek research interns working on offline/off-policy problems or having complementary strength to RL.

For NLU, we find research interns studying in-context learning capability or prompt tuning/calibration for large-scale language models.

Individual students will be paired with mentors based on their topics, running research projects and writing papers collaboratively with various scientists in LG AI.


For interested individuals with desired skills, please send an email at "katherine.jo@lgresearch.ai" with your most up-to-date CVs. 


+ Join in our Q&A sessions for the research internship this Thursday/Friday at "time/place".


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