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[맥킨지 한국사무소] Infomation Session
 글쓴이 : 리크루팅
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   2017 Winter RA application guideline.pdf (231.9K) [24] DATE : 2017-10-31 02:33:51
맥킨지 한국 사무소에서는 미국에 계신 학생분들 혹은 졸업생들을 대상으로 아래와 같이 시카고에서 Info session을 할 예정입니다.

McKinsey‘s Korea Office is delighted to host an information session in Chicago on November 14, Tuesday. This will be a great opportunity to meet with our consultants from Seoul in a casual setting and to discuss questions that you might have about McKinsey, our client work, our values and culture, and our people.
Who: Bachelor's, Master's, Ph.D, Post-Doc, J.D., M.D. (completed or expect to complete by 2019)
Date/time: 3 PM or 4 PM, Tuesday, November 14, 2017
Venue: Chicago (details to be shared separately)
Dress code: Business Casual

Please register with your CV by clicking on the following link by November 2 : Chicago info session event

Please note that we have a limited number of seats available and may not be able to accommodate everyone who shows interest in our event.

About McKinsey in Korea
McKinsey has been the standard bearer for the consulting industry in Korea since the 1980s. Our strong partnerships with clients reflect the growing trust of Korean and global players looking to play a crucial role in Asia. McKinsey helps both private and public sector clients navigate challenges and find the competitive edge to ensure sustained long-term success. For more information, please visit our website, www.mckinsey.co.kr.

Should you have further questions, please contact Korea recruiting team at se_recruiting@mckinsey.com.

Best regards,
McKinsey Korea Recruiting


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