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작성일 : 17-04-14 23:39
[홍보] 위안부 서명 운동
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Dear Stanford Law School Students,

One year ago today, two survivors of Japanese military sexual slavery spoke at Yale Law School. As two of the last remaining survivors, they came to be a voice for an estimated 200,000-400,000 "comfort women," a euphemism for victims who were between the ages of 11 and 25 when they were forced, deceived, abducted, or otherwise coerced into sexual slavery that lasted for years.

At the event, Lee Ok-sun, who was 15 when she was kidnapped in a marketplace and was forced to be a “comfort woman” for three years, asked us to stand in solidarity with her. As survivors' rights groups unanimously declared, she sees the 2015 joint announcement of Japanese and South Korean foreign ministers to “finally and irreversibly resolve" the issue as fundamentally illegitimate. This so-called agreement did not consult the survivors at all, despite repeated recommendations from the United Nations and the Basic Principles and Guidelines on the Right to a Remedy and Reparation for Victims of Gross Violations of International Human Rights Law. Among other problems, the announcement states that the Japanese military was merely "involved," distorting the truth that the military was the central organizer and perpetrator of sexual slavery.

The concern that this apology is nothing more than Abe's attempt to silence the survivors was confirmed within weeks of the announcement. Merely a month passed before the Japanese government again denied that the women were sex slaves; Japanese lawmakers continue to call victims "prostitutes"; Abe recalled the ambassador to Korea to protest a statue commemorating victims in Busan. In his own words, the Japanese Prime Minister has "no intention whatsoever" to apologize to the survivors again.

If you agree that this injustice is appalling, please sign the petition to support the survivors who continue to fight for a legal apology. Our voice as privileged, educated students means a lot to the survivors and activists who face hateful opposition and violence against their pursuit of justice. Once we reach 1,000 signatures, we plan to release them to Korean and English-speaking media to raise awareness of this ongoing human rights crisis and to show the survivors that they are not alone.

“A settlement for crimes so personal and devastating should not be 'final' without the contribution and consent of the victims. We demand that the Korean and Japanese governments nullify the agreement and recognize the individual claims of comfort women. We demand that the "Girl Statue" in front of the Japanese Embassy in Seoul remain untouched, as a symbol of true repentance and hope for peace and reconciliation. We further demand that the Japanese government admit state responsibility for Japanese Military Sexual Slavery, make an official apology recognizing legal responsibility, and provide legal reparations to the victims.”

Add your name here: https://goo.gl/qnGpRL

Many thanks,

Hyun-Soo Lim (hyun-soo.lim@yale.edu); Suh-Young Kim (suhyoung.kim@yale.edu)


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